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We dispose of professionally and sustainably.


In the company, at home or in a flat share: With the special bag from Recycling-Boy on subscription, collecting is not only fun, but you also actively contribute to protecting our planet.


It could hardly be more convenient: Just put the sack in front of the door - we take care of the rest. And sophisticated logistics avoid unnecessary transport routes.


You do not have to worry about recycling the materials you have collected or sorting them: we will do it for you.

Recycling has never been easier

What is waste for you is valuable for us and the planet. We sensibly reintroduce it into the cycle.

What belongs in the collecting bag?

From aluminum lids to toothpaste cardboard packaging: almost everything can be recycled.


Customer reviews

  • «Up to now we had a waste paper collector in the kitchen, cardboard was deposited somewhere, coffee capsules were thrown into the household garbage with a guilty conscience and then there was a box with empty batteries… in short: it was a mess and not particularly nice to look at. That is now a thing of the past. A sack for everything: brilliant! We are absolutely satisfied. »
    Hans Meier
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